Let's Learn From Our Past

Let's Learn From Our Past

What Color Me Wise is about

From the corner East of America to the edge of the West we feel the sign of the times. I’m not yet close to 30 however, I feel the change of media, technology, economy, and us as people. In some ways it makes me proud and in others, deeply disappointed. The youth has changed dramatically because the world has changed drastically. One thing I can say that hasn’t changed much is the mentality of a large amount of minorities. One reason being that despite the privileges minorities are given more of, we still see rashes of hate as soon as we begin to rise. The system is not where it should be neither politically or socially, and if everyone were held accountable we can move forward. The first step to change is identifying the problems that have held us back, second is a plan and lastly is action. As soon as we identify these issues we must challenge ourselves in correcting what is wrong within ourselves by starting with the man/woman in the mirror, so to speak. Every two weeks I will be identifying the truth behind the design in what is my very first public blog, Color Me Wise. I encourage those who subscribe to share this movement so we can build to a physical and subliminal level of equality. This is a blog to encourage personal growth and include everybody to get to a level of understanding and commencement. I read blackplanet.com news a lot and there’s always complicated questions such as, why black women have become less preferred in dating, but there is never a root answer, just more complaint. Hopefully this will open up something deeper to consider and of course not to blame the past but to learn from it.

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