Let's Learn From Our Past

Let's Learn From Our Past

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Design of influence by A. Ray

Some of the people we look to tend to do things criminally or socially wrong, And we get so upset at it because they have a power most blacks dream of. Because there’s so few of us able to cross the border of success at such heights, it becomes a reflection of our race, our integrity and morals that are then challenged by the public. There are so many black men and women who are so fed up they become just as bad as the police as far as assuming an innocent face is guilty before the conviction. To delve deeper into the police and the subliminal influence, lets think about the power minorities fight amongst one another in gang form. When gangs converge we can say its about territory, beef, drugs or what not, but we cant argue it isn’t over respect. When you have respect which we lack with the majority of white people with authority, they form their own authority and get that power from stepping on each other.

There are a lot of us who wish to become better than what we’re from which some might say as a bad thing in not remembering where you came from. The reality is where we came from is a slum to keep us in the slave mind of knowing no better because we are closed off to the rest of the world. when you live in the ghetto starting as a child and say a cousin from the upper eastside visits. He or she has all the nicest clothes, speaks differently and keeps his or her head up when speaking  which is  apparent to the children and adults from that  neighborhood. The parent and child will either be jealous or praise them, but after that one visit they see something different and think maybe better is out there. And who’s to say when a child sees a drug dealer with his flashy jewelry and cars they aren’t thinking the same. A week later that drug dealer maybe dead but it’s the easiest way to make money and a chance most will take seeing as the entertainment industry is like hitting the lotto.
 Most young men and women don’t see that same kind of live large life style in those who have went to school. When and if someone makes it “big” a lot of them act foolishly in reality shows, criminally or socially. And who gets a pay day off that? The media-which has most blacks outcasted. As a black star or star alone people are already judging them  in some way, not necessarily in a bad light, but without really knowing who they are, but only by what they do. The police are in control whether your in the ghetto or not, and will profile whether you are in the east side or south. And if you even look like you have  a little money, despite your job they are checking your pockets. That goes especially for black stars, if there’s a scandal they are damn there crucified with no apologies after proven innocence. However some black stars get that power and while out or get caught up in a scandal because they think they cant be touched. Although it is more difficult to fight the law in any stage or “class’ of our lives we need to recognize it before it comes and be a team of positive influence on one another so when one of us trips we can help them get back up.
We don’t have to be ghetto super stars or a Harvard professor to have an influence on one another. Influence starts with the provider better known as the parents, who now need to make a change within themselves so there life can reflect a newly brightened spirit. I don’t believe in acting holy sanctified and like a die hard church goer in order to be an example. The example starts with self respect, if you love yourself sincerely  you will love others securely, if your child or your neighbors child sees that, he or she will be aware of that in their life. The problem is simply ignorance, if you don’t know any better for yourself how will you grow? You see beauty in people you can become inspired. Giving back is a huge way to set an example, and not just giving back and then shedding bad light on someone who got on your nerves who was there or what have you. Its about letting go apart of yourself for someone else,  all feelings aside just genuine give a positive moment to someone else while enjoying yourself. Its ok to have a happy day, and that starts with gratitude. When you are thankful maybe your kids will stop saying gimme and let me have that, the appreciation isn’t there when they haven’t realized the value of what they have big or small it is a difference to them. Even if you are living in the projects or a crap hole of an apartment with your child(ren), if you realize what it could really be, as in there’s someone out there without even that and instill it in your kids maybe they will feel better about what they have. Materialistic things keep us occupied and having fun, however it shouldn’t be in your kids mind as self defining. We must define who we are with the truth and self analyzing than allow our future to thrive off our strength in finding who they want to be. They are the future but they haven’t planted themselves and they wont grow without some light, and trust parents you are their light whether they tell you or not, you are their means for survival. Survival is a broad word that should be considered in all aspects, but the means of surviving the mental game is the biggest leap anyone can take in life. The mental game is largely about how you perceive things and mostly how you will allow it to affect you. What will influence you the next time you are tested……..

Many blessings,
 A. Ray

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Commencement

Hello and welcome to Color Me Wise! Most of you visiting know what this blog is about but for those who don’t here is an explanation. Color Me Wise is about minority empowerment, and in educating one another about the system and how we can better ourselves. There are so far, two pages that are bi-weekly postings by GWG (Growing With God) called Getting it Together and A. Ray's post Color Me Wise. GWG’s posts are more or less about Christianity and religion in our communities and using it to rise. A. Ray’s posts are more or less about opening up the dynamics or cross section of the system and how it affects us all in various ways. There will be more to come as far as quizzes, poetry, music, history, inspiration and other inquiries. Please follow and subscribe, thanks!

If you are interested in the movement please contact A. Ray at cmw_blog@yahoo.com and follow us on twitter for updates at www.twitter.com/cmwblog