Let's Learn From Our Past

Let's Learn From Our Past

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Commencement

Hello and welcome to Color Me Wise! Most of you visiting know what this blog is about but for those who don’t here is an explanation. Color Me Wise is about minority empowerment, and in educating one another about the system and how we can better ourselves. There are so far, two pages that are bi-weekly postings by GWG (Growing With God) called Getting it Together and A. Ray's post Color Me Wise. GWG’s posts are more or less about Christianity and religion in our communities and using it to rise. A. Ray’s posts are more or less about opening up the dynamics or cross section of the system and how it affects us all in various ways. There will be more to come as far as quizzes, poetry, music, history, inspiration and other inquiries. Please follow and subscribe, thanks!

If you are interested in the movement please contact A. Ray at cmw_blog@yahoo.com and follow us on twitter for updates at www.twitter.com/cmwblog 

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