Let's Learn From Our Past

Let's Learn From Our Past

Getting It Together by GWG

As we look at our society we all know that things could be better, but in many cases we need to find out where to start.  Well, we should start the one place we hate to look and that is with ourselves. We can get better as a community unit when we come to some elementary truths. One, if we want to be better we have to do better. We can’t keep living the same way because it’s what we are accustomed to doing. This life is full of changes and the fact many of us don’t like changes are communities have suffered for it.  Next, is to embrace the idea of change. Once we come to a conclusion that change is a part of our lives and we infuse it in our day to day, when it happens we won’t struggle.  It’s not easy trying to change because we are subject to doing things that we are used to doing , however, it becomes a problem when the way we live destroys our communities instead of empowering and lifting them up. I have found that our selfishness is the main reason for many of the issues in our communities. We need to take back our communities, but it’s very difficult when we only think about ourselves. We don’t want to step outside of (what we deem as) comfortable lives to aid in the communities that we live in. We are our communities and we need to take ownership in them. Acts 2: 42-47 talks about the first church but it’s also about a community that came together, set aside their selfishness and was able to provide for all who joined. We have all we need in order to make our communities better but we have to learn to embraces the changes we are going  to go through to make our communities better while setting aside our very own selfishness.  We have the goal already made showing us where our communities should be and now we have to work on how we will get there.

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